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It is really important to understand and identify which species of termites you've as this will determine the best strategy and treatment that needs to be put in place. This will alter the treatment price. As an instance, if one of our local Adelaide Jims Termite & Pest Control technicians finds Hetrotermes inside a house, the treatment can usually be very low cost as the colony that we're dealing with is only small, being 200-300 termites. However if the technician determines that they are Coptotermes, then the termite treatment cost can be very high. The technician will be dealing with a colony that is 200,000 to 300,000 plus strong. These termites will need to be dealt with quickly as they're the most destructive termites we have, particularly in Adelaide, the Adelaide Hills, and Mount Gambier. .

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Termite treatment prices will be determined on what type of treatment you choose and this will depend on the budget you may have available to spend. The termite treatment which copes with a colony in Adelaide would be for our Jims technicians to employ a chemical directly into the nest. . The next most economical termite treatment option is to apply a baiting program. This is where a bait box is placed on the termites and the harmful small creatures feed on the bait, and then conveniently return to their colony. Baiting programs are an excellent method of dealing with termites since it baits are not dependent on finding the colony or nest; we actually use the termites to perform the job for us as they will take the bait back to the colony. The next two options for treating termites is either drill and inject a treatment or monitoring method. Both are long term effective termite treatment management options, protecting the house for several years.

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While these might have higher costs, they'll give the home owner long term termite protection against termites and the initial outlay will be quite economical over a longer time period. Some of these treatments will even arrive with a wood replacement warranty, and in fact a lot of our Adelaide and Mount Gambier technicians have been trained in the install and maintenance of the professional Exterra Termite Monitoring Systems.If you chose this option, there's a manufacturers timber replacement warranty. This gives a great deal of our Adelaide clients excellent peace of mind knowing that their land is totally protected against potential attacks, not to mention that a regional Jims Termite & Pest Control technician is constantly checking and monitoring the machine. . Our local Jims technicians in Adelaide have done extensive training on how to identify all species of termite in South Australia. Once they have identified and looked in the construction of your house, they can provide you with an accurate termite treatment price and will generally provide you three different options to take care of your termite problem. .

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In Jims Termite and Pest Control, we think we are not only the best qualified to provide individualized treatment in Adelaide, but read more our obligation free estimates will surprise you. We hope this information has helped you answer How much can termite treatment price, but if not, please phone us now for more info or to make a booking to protect your home! IMPORTANT first step would be to arrange for a professional inspection of the buildings and surrounds together with a written inspection report on AS:3660 Termite Control in Buildings.

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The Termite Inspection Report covers areas inspected, inspection findings, high hazard areas inaccessible to inspection and other important aspects in determining the recommended options. The expense of a Termite Inspection Report for an average size house is around $250 to $350 depending upon location, best site the style of construction and ease of inspection access. Areas inspected include all reachable timbers in subfloor (if reachable ) roof void, interior, exterior, garden lanscaping areas, fences in the immediate locality - within 50 yards of the building.

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Specialised equipment may be utilized - moisture metre, microwave and thermal imaging cameras, Termatrac termite sensor, ladders, overalls, flashlight, timber scribber and extendable dogger. THE GOOD NEWS: Homeowners can obtain in impact obtain such insurance cover by having a chemical soil treatment to the entire perimeter of a building and any expansion joints in concrete on ground flooring. The termite controller should have Professional Indemnity Insurance for this objective. In case you've FOUND reside termites your house we strongly recommend a termite baiting application be completed for one or two months prior to a soil treatment. It may be highly likely the entire termite colony can be eradicated using professional termite baiting program.

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